The arrivals in urdu full movie

The arrivals in urdu full movie

Thank you so much for the first-hand account. It s hard to know what to believe on the news. While the situation on the Splendor was unfortunate for everyone involved, I have to say that the passengers on board were so very fortunate that they had you as their CD. No doubt your experience and dedication and comic relief! made a terrible experience more bearable. I m anxious to hear the rest of the story, and hope you and the rest of the crew are able to get some much-needed R R in the next few days! John, my husband and I knew the first time you were on our cruise that you are definitely a unique person. Love the story thus far and can t wait to read part two. We are cruise junkies and this will, in no way, hinder us from cruising again which is next weekend. Great job to the Carnival Splendor team, and the US Navy! By the way, can you please remind people that the guests did NOT eat spam?! Me my wife were on this cruise ship back in Sept. for our Honeymoon. It was both of our 1st experience on a cruise ship. I was so impressed with how smooth of an operation the ship crew members presented themselves that I felt 100% safe knew if there was an event of this magnitude or greater, we were in good hands. Without hesitation, even after hearing of this accident, I eagerly await our next cruise whenever that may be. You guy s are great, amazing so much more. I eagerly await part 2 of this story I can totally see this happening through your words John with your excellent humorous description. Thank you for posting this. john i am so happy that you are going to write on this, and be honest!!! cant wait to hear the rest! so happy u all made it home safe and sound!! I wonder how many caught the reference to the Oceanos? I am so impressed with the ENTIRE Carnival Staff, Crew, Officers and Guests! I just took my 10th Carnival Cruise October 31 and took the Behind the Fun Tour which helped me understand exactly what you were talking about. I have been through 2 hurricanes on Carnival ships and never worried. I also sell cruises part-time and will continue to promote Carnival and brag on the abilities to handle any emergency. Thank you for ALL you do! Great Job John, crew captain. Your professionalism made the situation much better for the passengers. Thank you for sharing your account. Sending hugs and love to you and your crew. I am SO happy the arrivals in urdu full movie everyone is safe and back on dry land. Can t wait for the ship to be repaired and for you to be sailing once again. John, amazing narrative. Can t wait for part I think I would ve still enjoyed the cruise. Interesting to not use the word Fire. After 20 years in the Navy, I have seen my share of fires, and fortunately they were all small fires. Of course, any fire onboard a ship is serious business. The thing I remember most about these fires though, is the amount of smoke they generate. Some of these fires were so small a single CO2 fire extinguisher could put them out, but the smoke!!! Oh boy! Yes, it quickly gets to the point that you cannot see anything. So, it is fair, at this point in the story, to not use the word fire. This could turn out to be anything. John, thanks for writing this. I am on the edge of my seat, and I cannot wait for the rest of the story! I am a travel agent who travels on and books customers on Carnival on a regular basis. First I want you to know that you, the crew and passengers of the Splendor were in my prayers during this difficult journey. I knew that Carnival and the crew of the Splendor would do everything in their power for their passengers, first and foremost keeping them safe. My second thought was, they are so fortunate that John Heald is their CD. I haven t had the pleasure of sailing with you yet but many of my customers have and are always thrilled to do so. The piece of Part 1 of your story that hit me the most is when you say that the crew, wait staff, room stewards etc are sailors first. That is something that I will keep in mind from here on out the arrivals in urdu full movie I speak to unsure cruise passengers in the future. Thank you for reminding us all of that. Best of luck to you as you move forward.

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